Projects For When You’re Feeling Crafty

Do you feel that tingling power of being crafty in your veins right now? No need to spend time brainstorming or browsing the Pinterest. Gather your materials right away because here are forty crafty ideas to satisfy that strong urge of craftiness.

  1. Turn pop tabs into a bag.
  2. Put different colors of acrylic paint to your windshield to create a windshield rainbow.
  3. Make a lamp out of plastic spoons.
  4. Color and style an all-white sneakers.
  5. Turn an old glove into a chipmunk.
  6. Dry thin slices of pineapples to create pineapple flowers.
  7. Make roses out of maple leaves.
  8. Make a wall art out of toilet paper rolls.
  9. Create a cherry blossom art out of the bottom of soda bottles.
  10. Create a unique rose pendant for necklaces from melted plastic spoons.
  11. Turn tetra boxes into a beautiful lamp.
  12. Recycle a light bulb and turn it into a bud vase.
  13. Make a planter or candle holder from cans and wooden clips.
  14. Repurpose old books into paper cups and saucers.
  15. Decorate a lamp stand with cheap action figures.
  16. Create a lampshade from a ball and air dry clay.
  17. Revive an old garden fence by painting it with flowers.
  18. Turn an old coffee table into a glow-in-the-dark map of the world.
  19. Create a mini-cardboard kitchen for your toddler.
  20. Create your own origami bookmarks.
  21. Take your crochet skills to the next level by crocheting a panda.
  22. Encourage your kid to read by painting her room with fairy tale characters and scenes.
  23. Melt old crayons, put them in a lego man-shaped moulder, and dry.
  24. Turn a regular soap into tiny soap hearts.
  25. Create bunny napkin rings out of toilet paper roll and some creative imagination.
  26. Make a picture wreath from wooden clothes pin.
  27. Turn broken skateboards into electric guitars.
  28. Build a star wars-inspired rocking horse.
  29. Repurpose CD cases into geometric crystal terrariums.
  30. Create tiny mementos from pebbles and other things from nature.
  31. Recycle plastic bottles and turn them into a fairytale castle.
  32. Turn your Siberian Husky into a unicorn.
  33. Paint and style your old jeans.
  34. Recycle old shoes and turn them into an artsy footwear.
  35. Create a fun video about planting potatoes or anything you can think of.
  36. Create a magazine about your girlfriend and for your girlfriend.
  37. Make toys out of recycled materials with your kids.
  38. Bake galaxy inspired donuts.
  39. Collect stone alphabets and complete it.
  40. Educate yourself about latte art.

Those are only forty creative ideas. But you can definitely think of a lot more. Your imagination is your limit.

Top Quirky Ideas for Your Wedding Theme

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. This is the main reason why most couples try to look for the most unique theme for the event. If you and your partner are on the stage of planning for this momentous event, then here is a list of concepts you may want to consider:

• Whimsical

A fantasy-based wedding never goes out of style and has been done a lot of times. You can up the level by looking for non-cliché motifs and splurge a bit more on lights and effects. Ask your guests to be in costume or wear something appropriate to the theme, but make sure they don’t outdo you.

• Movie-Based

Want to be Bella or Alice for a day? Or your groom would like to sport Peter Pan? The possibilities are limitless when you do characters from a movie. No need to burst out in costumes. You can simply add a detail that will let you resemble your favourite movie character. Let your stylist make your skin two to three shades lighter for that Twilight vampire look or create the famed Katniss braids from Hunger Games.

• Cosplay

Everyone had a superhero dream or obsession at one point in their life and a wedding will surely be fun and memorable if you dress up. Completing the entire outfit is unnecessary as long as you add recognizable details like Wonder Woman’s suit silhouette or signature icons of superman or batman for your groom. You may also wear wigs if your character has a signature one like Harlequin’s red and blue.

• Sports

Grooms would love a shot at being a football star or a wrestling heavyweight so try incorporating your favourite sport during your wedding. Do mock starting line-up with your entourage or enter to the sound of a wrestling match announcement and have your husband wear a wrestling belt. Set up baseball plates in the entire venue so your guest can enjoy a stadium feel.

• Nature

Nature themes are huge this 2016. People are inclined to do environment-friendly stuff nowadays so this will be a hit. Couples can use organic food and giveaways or use solar-powered venues. If you are bold enough, get wet underwater, on top of a mountain or in the air while skydiving. Add caves and desserts for an extreme experience.

• Animal

Animal lovers and animal-print lovers will surely go nuts with this concept. A union will not be complete without your fur babies on the scene so why not let the entire guest list bring an extra “friend” so everyone can enjoy a menagerie. Instruct the attendees prior to the event about tending to their companions and observing hygiene.

• Hobby

If you love Legos, books, crafting, model cars or toy kits, then opt for a hobbyist marital theme. Pepper the venue with all the things you enjoy doing and make it as interactive as possible so your visitors can relate to you. You can always have an onsite crafting session during the reception and let the participants bring home their work as souvenirs. You may also indicate in the invitation that wedding gifts can be anything related to your pastime or collection.

• Season

Seasonal themes are popular for 2016. Winter and autumn are common designs in Instagram posts. Sheen, sparkle and glitter are also doing a comeback so go a little crazy on the designs as long as these don’t look like a disco ball or explosion of fairy dust. Subtle accents like metalwork, chandeliers, or art pieces can add the necessary vibe. Christmas motifs are also a great ideas for December weddings, although it is advisable to still find elegant statement pieces instead.

• Time-based

Veer away from the traditional day-time wedding and go for a night ceremony. Working people will have a huge chance of coming and you can choose any date you like. There is no need to do it on a weekend just so everybody can attend.

Weddings are definitely fun when you enhance the experience. However, don’t go broke trying to achieve an extravagant occasion. After all, the highlight of it all should be the union of a couple.